asymmetryThe aSymmetry Project ( connects artists and skaters from around the world to collaborate and create one of a kind works of art using skateboards as their canvas.

Artists are provided with blank skateboards and are free to use any method or style to convert the decks into original works of art. Each artist is then paired with a skateboarder who brings their own style and aesthetic to the table.

The decks become living works of art as the skaters take them to the streets. Every scratch, every scuff, every dent and every chip out of the board will tell a story. Each deck is worn down and added to at the same time, shedding and picking up paint from each ledge, rail and bowl it touches.

At the end of the day, while some may see just another beat up skateboard, others will see much more.

Unit Pitt will host a selection of the numerous decks and images created, for a special two day event.

With collaborations by:

Jonny Elder & Peter Smolik
Jose Rivas & John Rattray
Marie France-Roy & Craig McMorris
Lani Imre & Deer Man of Dark Woods
Jeff Wilson & Andy Dobson
Taylor Vlaming & Adam Cassidy
Sarah King & Stu Graham
Joanne Hastie & Geoff Dermer
Tyler Hochhalter & Marky Clements
Joe Altamuro & Graeme Betts
& Many More!

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