Friday August 22 2014
8PM – 11PM

Unit /Pitt Projects
236, E Pender St
Vancouver, BC

Over the past seven weeks, the project Behind the Wall x In Front of the Wall has developed from a small installation by curators Sylvana d’Angelo and Anezka Minarikova into a group exhibition, a book, and visual documents. New works by Alex Heilbron, Lauren Marsden, and Monsters have recently been installed in the gallery. This final week is the only chance to see the completed project, during gallery hours Wednesday through Saturday or at the Friday evening closing reception.

Alex Heilbron has created a textile piece for the exhibition, Behind the Wall X In Front of the Wall, in response to Sylvana D’Angelo and Anezka Minarikova‘s visual and textual investigations into their family histories. A template for a quilt, based on the material presented, was created specifically for the exhibition.

A quilt is a traditional object, an important centerpiece of a family’s history. The symbols found in this template, appear next to each other, and create a visual common ground between the two distinct spiritual sides often found in a family, religious and secular. This ‘outsiders’ contribution to this history not only places the person (artist) closer to inside; but also allows the family history to grow and change by being seen by an objective outsider.

Lauren Marsden’s audio work, The Sound of Your Ancestral Past, produced specifically for the exhibition, Behind the Wall x In Front of the Wall, is composed as a sonic reflection of each of the exhibition curators’ personal archives. Using a collection of family photographs and artifacts as a guide, the soundtrack is comprised entirely of appropriated audio clips including pop music, stock field recordings and Foley sound effects. The Sound of Your Ancestral Past offers a drifting narrative through imagined personal histories while taking its listeners through calm pastoral settings, strange domestic scenes and heated public protests.

Monsters (Pavel Frič & Michaela Labudová)
Of the Journey’s Ive Never Been site specific installation for Behind the Wall x In Front of the Wall. Memory is an organisms ability to store retain and recall information. From an information processing perspective there are three main stages in the formation and retrieval of memory. Encoding or registration: receiving, processing and combining of received information. Storage: creation of apermanent record of the encoded information. Retrieval, recall or recollection: calling back the stored information in response to some cue for use in a process or activity The loss of memory is described as forget- fulness or, as a medical disorder, amnesia.

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