A poetry reading at Unit/Pitt, on the occassion of a visit to Vancouver by Lindsey Boldt and Alli Warren. Reading with Vancouver’s Danielle LaFrance and Anahita Jamali Rad.

Warren arrives with her fresh book from City Lights Books: Here Come the Warm Jets.

Travelling from Oakland:

Alli Warren is the author of Here Come the Warm Jets (City Lights Books) as well as numerous other chapbooks including Grindin (Lew Gallery), Acting Out (Editions Louis Wain), and Well-Meaning White Girl (Mitzvah Chaps). She edits the magazine Dreamboat and co-edits the Poetic Labor Project. Alli lives in Oakland.


Lindsey Boldt is the author of Overboard (Publication Studio Portland) and the chapbooks, “Titties for Lindsey” and “Oh My, Hell Yes.” She also writes and performs plays in the style of “Oakland Poetic Realism” with Steve Orth, with whom she also co-edits Summer BF Press. Lindsey works as a teaching artist in Bay Area public schools and is an editor with The Post-Apollo Press. She lives in Oakland, California.

From Vancouver:

Anahita Jamali Rad’s current interests lie in materiality and materialism, interventions in dominant ideology, universality and pronouns, and sex, race, and class within a global neo/liberalist project. She is the author and binder of handmade chapbooks such as,Patterns, Heart/Felt/Poems, and say what you like about my glasses, but i never getdrunk and drank confused when i’m out with the working classes. She is an organising and founding member of the women’s critical reading and discussion group, About a Bicycle, and co-editor for the biannual journal with the same name.


Danielle LaFrance is the author of Species Branding (Capilano University Editions) and a poetry book on friendly fire and friendship is forthcoming. Chapbooks include Pink Slip (Standard Ink & Copy), Ici & Ailleurs (House of Tilt) and Gallery Muse 4F: That Poetry (House of Tilt). She is an unemployed librarian, teaches at VCC, and tries to live in Vancouver.

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