2055 websitewww.2055project.website
An online exhibition space by Eli Zibin
Curated by Catherine de Montreuil

“Increasingly the object of an exhibition is no longer the exhibition of works of art but the exhibition of the exhibition as a work of art… ”
Daniel Buren as quoted by ‘Walter Benjamin’

www.2055project.website is accumulatory, parasitic and at times
haphazard; as such, it will be under construction for the duration of its exhibition time. Taking its content from UNIT/PITT’s 40-year archive, and from the artists and curators of the 2055 Project, it reformats and remediates this material into new works.

www.2055project.website is an online exhibition space. It embraces the platform and architecture of the internet and the ways in which this has reconstituted the possibilities for exhibiting and viewing artworks. We might ask: to what extent is the teleology of artistic production influenced by its inevitable digitization?

UNIT/PITT is commemorating the 1975 founding of the Helen Pitt Gallery with eight months of exhibitions, performances, talks, and public actions collectively called 2055. Rather than celebrating a 40th anniversary (which many thought we would never reach), we are treating 2015-2016 as a mid-point in a projected 80-year arc, projecting hypothetical futures and referencing as-yet-incomplete histories. www.2055project.website engages with what we expect to be a continuing reformation of the norms of exhibition making over the next 40 years and beyond.

Catherine de Montreuil is an artist and curator based in Vancouver, BC. Recent exhibitions include her solo show Scarecrows Steal Soft Sandwiches at Avenue, and the group exhibition I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone at the Aceartinc. Flux Space in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the Programming Assistant at Unit/Pitt Society for Art and Critical Awareness.

Eli Zibin received his BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia in the spring of 2015. His poetry appeared in the New Vancouver Poet’s Folio produced by Poetry is Dead and published by Lemon Hound in January 2015. He developed the interactive web-project www.ignisfatuus.club to support Ingrid Olauson’s collaborative play FortEFF in May 2015. He maintains a blog on poetics at poetxt.ca and writes at abcdefghijklnmoqprstuvw.xyz

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