1975–2055: Art and Community Panel Discussion

pitt 1975Tuesday November 3, 7–9 p.m.

Co-presented by: UNIT/PITT Projects and Vancouver Moving Theatre/Heart of the City Festival

Location: UNIT/PITT Projects, 236 East Pender St.

1975–2055: Art and Community is a panel discussion co-presented by UNIT/PITT Projects (part of 2055 public programs) and Vancouver Moving Theatre/Heart of the City Festival that brings together representatives of five community-driven arts organization in the DTES. Panelists will present their perspectives on the last and the next 40 years and ask: looking at the past, what kind of future do we want to build? What would a future that takes into account social and cultural diversity, community history, and social and environmental justice look like? What is the role of the arts and of community in building this future? This event is an open invitation to discuss the history of arts and community; present a reflection on the challenges that are currently faced by arts organizations in the DTES; and elaborate a framework for sustaining the communities and the practices driving these organizations.


Terry Hunter – Vancouver Moving Theatre
Cecily Nicholson – Gallery Gachet
Michael Clague – Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Andrea Creamer – SFU, Super Cool Tuesdays, Toast Collective
Laiwan – Or Gallery founding curator, activist, artist
Jamie Ward – UNIT/PITT Projects

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