Limited Time Library

A curatorial project by Abbey Hopkins and Catherine de Montreuil

OPENING: October 1st, 7pm

Through selective and organized sharing, the Limited Time Library serves as a temporary site for research, study, leisure and sharing of knowledge. Created through a delegated selecting process, overlaps and departures in themes pertaining to the library’s community members emerge in the form of a collection of books. The Limited Time library encourages the community to come and utilize the reformatted reading room during these extended hours (listed below), which are intended for generating knowledge, a spirit of sharing and independent study.

UNIT/PITT is commemorating the 1975 founding of the Helen Pitt Gallery with eight months of exhibitions, performances, talks, and public actions collectively called 2055. Rather than celebrating a 40th anniversary (which many thought we would never reach), we are treating 2015-2016 as a mid-point in a projected 80-year arc, projecting hypothetical futures and referencing as-yet-incomplete histories. The Limited Time Library is a community-oriented project aiming to provide space for and access to knowledge resources in a time and place where these are being steadily commodified and minimized. It is a response to the increasing difficulty of finding affordable space in the city.

We are pleased to announce our writer in residence Curtis AuCoin, who will be frequenting the library daily and engaging with the collection in order to produce a new work.

A comprehensive library catalogue by Eli Zibin will be launched in conjunction with this project at

Extended public hours for this project:
Monday-Wednesday 12pm – 9pm
Thursday-Saturday 12pm – 5pm
Readings and events to be announced.

Contributors include: Curtis AuCoin // Brit Bachman // Brick Press // Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte // Tommy Chain // Gabi Dao // Catherine de Montreuil // Stefana Fratila // Abbey Hopkins // Steff Ling // Emma Metcalfe-Hurst // Lauren Lavery // Cole Nowicki // Jeff O’Brien // Penny Library // Lyndsay Pomerantz // Dan Pon // Jasmine Sacharuk // Ellis Sam // Graeme Wahn // Jamie Ward // Tom Whalen // SP Yoon // Eli Zibin

Abbey Hopkins is currently a fourth year Visual Culture and Performing Arts Studies major at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses primarily on the ways in which text-based works are used to document, distribute and archive contemporary artwork, with specific interest in artist’s books and periodical publications.

Catherine de Montreuil is an artist and sometimes-curator based in Vancouver, BC. Recent exhibitions include her solo show Scarecrows Steal Soft Sandwiches at Avenue, and the group exhibition I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone at the Aceartinc. Flux Space in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the Programming Assistant at Unit/Pitt Society for Art and Critical Awareness.

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