The Fox, issues one, two, and three

Issues one, two, and three of the short-lived New York-based art magazine The Fox are available in bootleg, on-demand format.

The Fox was a short-lived critical journal and magazine published in New York in 1975 and 1976 by the American chapter of British conceptual art group Art & Language; only three issues were ever published. Those issues ended up as both the documentation of the internal tensions and struggles within the group and a testament to the political positions, debates and ideas that animated the individuals involved. The Fox was primarily text based and rooted in recent experimental conceptual practices. It also had a highly critical and articulate voice on a number of art- and society-related problems: education, the power of money and value in art, institutions and their functions, and autonomy.

As part of the project Re: The Fox, UNIT/PITT and The Everyday Press have produced a limited facsimilé reprint of the three issues of The Fox. These new editions are available for purchase individually or as a set.


Issue 1, 8×10.5″, 152pp, $15

Issue 2, 8×10.5″, 174pp, $15

Issue 3, 8×10.5″, 208pp, $15

Set of all three issues, $40


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