Screened on August 8, 2012

Zachariah movie posterThis week’s film contains a few of cultural strands that ran through late-60s and early-70s “counterculture”. Zachariah comes from a script written by the Firesign Theatre, loosely based upon Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha, starring Don Johnson and John Rubinstein as rock’n’roll gunfighters (who seem to be pretty much in love with each other) in search of peace and enlightenment. The soundtrack includes Country Joe and the Fish (who also play the role of an outlaw gang called The Crackers), The James Gang, and the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble. Look also for famed jazz drummer Elvin Jones as gunfighter Job Cain, who manages to work in a solo.

John Rubinstein and Don Johnson in Zachariah
John Rubinstein and Don Johnson in Zachariah

Part of the Pitt’s summer screenings.
8 to 11, sidewalk in front of 15 E Pender, or here in ten parts:


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