The COMMUNE-OPÉDIE is an extension of the La Commune 2021 Free School. These thematic pages on different aspects of the Paris Commune and its legacies were written by students in an SFU seminar taught this past spring by History professor and Free School host Roxanne Panchasi (Simon Fraser University). Stacey Bishop, a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Michigan provided vital editorial and website development assistance.

From the COMMUNE-OPÉDIE by Catriona Webber titled, 2011.

Each student in the 13-week seminar on the Paris Commune completed a page focused on a specific theme, some of which lined up with the free school. After researching their chosen topics, students wrote up a brief overview/introduction and an analysis of a source “from the archive.” Themes covered include:

📕 Art & Artists

📕 Bloody Week

📕 Democracy 

📕 Monuments

📕 Women

📕 1917, 1968 & 2011 

📕 And many more! 📕 


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Good luck / bonne chance, and Vive La Commune 2021!