I SPY…is a disposable camera mail art project created by UNIT/PITT. We send cameras to artists and they show us the world through their lens.

Last year, I SPY…artists were given prompts to inspire their photographs written by poet, writer, and beadwork artist Samantha Marie Nock. This year, we want to hear from you. 

After a turbulent year, we would like to know what you’ve seen. What have you witnessed? In your communities? Your everyday life? Your dreams? What have you not seen? What do you hope to see? 

All are welcome to submit multiple prompts, but they may not all be chosen. The authors of selected prompts will receive honoraria of $40 for each prompt that is chosen. If you would like to be credited and paid in the case your prompt is selected, please include your name and email in your form submission.

We look forward to seeing your prompts!