Solidarity - Kathe KollwitzWe need your help — please donate to UNIT/PITT now, and please consider supporting some of the many great organizations in our neighbourhood with an equivalent donation.

We’re making a last-minute request — if you have considered donating to the Pitt, if you think our risk-taking programming and commitment to emerging artists and emerging practices is worth supporting, you have until midnight on December 31st to receive a tax receipt for your online donation.

We also know that our friends are receiving dozens of requests for money right now, and that many of the causes and organizations making those requests do vitally important work. That’s why we are suggesting that when you donate to us, you also donate to someone else in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods. In our earlier messages, we asked you to support the Overdose Prevention Society, who are saving lives every day, and to the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House, who help provide nutritious food to some of our neighbours. We’d also like to add to this list our friends at the Chinatown Concern Group, who are working through the Carnegie Community Centre to protect the low-income residents of Chinatown who are the life of the community.

You may not have much money to spare. We understand. We live and work in Vancouver and are being squeezed by the same forces that are causing economic chaos and deprivation across the city. But your ten or twenty or fifty dollars helps immensely, especially if you are able to make a small monthly donation (they’re easy to set up using our CanadaHelps page).

Thanks for your support this year. Here’s to more lives being saved, people being fed, seniors’ housing being saved, and more art that you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. And as artists working in and around this community, we have a responsibility to show solidarity with people doing good work all around us. Let’s all continue to help each other in 2017.

Donate now to UNIT/PITT. Donate to Overdose Prevention Society. Donate to the DTES Neighbourhood House. Donate to the Chinatown Concern Group. 

Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.