Painting by Bracken Hanuse Corlett

In this week’s edition of The Georgia Straight, the top art review is on our current exhibition God Save the Queen, curated by Chris Bose. It features BC artists Bracken Hanuse Corlett, KAST, MaRvIN StRAnGE, and Nigel Z. Check out the review by Robin Laurence on the Straight’s website, or pick up a copy anywhere in Vancouver.


An excerpt from the review:

“Guest curator Chris Bose has shaped the question he posed the contributing artists—’How do you feel about living under the yoke of the British Crown to this day?’—to fit Canada’s postcolonial condition. The art made in response is, Sex Pistols–style, raw and pissed off.”

Sculpture Installation by MaRvIN StRAnGE
Sculpture Installation by MaRvIN StRAnGE

The anti-monarchist “exorcism” in this exhibition evokes a whole range of reactions from visitors. Come by the gallery during public hours — Wednesday through Saturday, noon until 5pm — to decide for yourself.

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