2021 was a huge development year for UNIT/PITT, and our most ambitious program cycle in years — that is, until this year with Wrong Wave Festival and I SPY… 3. Some highlights from 2021 include La Commune Free School & Artist Residency, I SPY… disposable camera mail art program, Helen’s Quarantine Cookbook, ReIssue.pub’s first full year of publication, and being named runner-up for the 2021 Lacey Prize!

Come join the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, Society Members and General Public on July 29 at 7pm for our virtual Annual General Meeting (on Zoom), where we’ll present these highlights alongside our Financial Statements and additional reports from 2021. Full agenda below.

RSVP by emailing info@unitpitt.ca

While the AGM is open to anyone, only members of the society can vote and be nominated to the Board of Directors. Membership is only $3, learn more here: https://www.unitpitt.ca/membership/

Although the AGM is technically a forum to discuss the year that has passed, UNIT/PITT’s leadership will also be giving some exciting updates about the year ahead. You won’t want to miss it!

Additionally, all attendees will receive a limited-edition UNIT/PITT publication by pick-up in Vancouver or mail outside of Vancouver.

1. Call to Order & Land Acknowledgement
2. Approval of AGM Agenda
3. Approval of previous AGM Meeting Minutes (August 5, 2021)
4. Annual Report presented by Board Chair Jennifer Huang
5. Financial Report presented by Board Treasurer Andrea Valentine-Lewis
6. Director’s Report presented by Brit Bachmann
7. Election of the 2022-23 Board of Directors, presentation of proposed slate and call for nominees
8. Closing Remarks & Adjournment
(Estimated duration 40-60 minutes total)