Since the beginning of November, set up during Wrong Wave, Sharona Franklin and Tanner Matt’s Peace Library has been been residing at the Pitt. Franklin and Matt see Peace Library as a project that “… curates and facilitates a diverse archive of ideas and objects which will have assembled themselves by happenstance by way of publishing, transcribing and recording … a time capsule for the contextual dialogue between existing ideas and materials.”

As mentioned above, Peace Library is a resource of books and sounds with texts such as “Comments on Fischinger’s Films by William Moritz” and “Creole in the Kitchen”. Cassette recordings include “Dunnit Wonce” and “Dunnit Twyce”, mixed-tapes of blues and folk, “Selections from: the History of Electronic Music” as well as “New Orleans Recordings of Johnny St. Cyr”.

Peace Library invites the art and music community of Vancouver to contribute to future projects excavating the creative commons. It encourages the diffusion of conceptual works while utilizing new and pre-existing information.

Peace Library is open to submissions and can be reached at:
630 E. Georgia Vancouver, BC
V6A 2A1

This residency will be in UNIT/PITT Projects for another week or so. Make sure to stop by the Pitt to have a browse.


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