U/P RadioWhen we’re not around, and not actively programming, there’s still lots to be heard on Power2012, the radio station that is part of Red76’s curatorial project at Unit/Pitt. In the mix with music (both familiar and obscure) are lectures, conversations, and other sounds. As we write this, the station is autoplaying an mp3 of Sam Gould talking about Red76 and the underpinnings of This is an (a) front. If you miss any of these programs, you’re welcome to come in during open hours and buy or trade the mp3 files; we’ll also be uploading archived programs to the Pitt site, bit by bit.

Power2012 is available at http://power2012.ca, through our external speakers at 15 E Pender from noon to 11pm daily, or on ultra-low-power FM at 89.7 in the 0-block East Pender St.

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