contemporary materialist philosophy and praxisSaturday, December 15 is the last day of regular Pitt programming this year. It’s also the last official day of Power2012 radio, the Thumbs Up used-mp3 store, and Red76’s curatorial project This Is An (A) Front: A Covert Education.

To celebrate the season, and the wrap-up of this great project-within-a-project-within-a-project, we have some special events and special merchandise this week.

  • Join us on Saturday afternoon for a full day of live broadcasts from 15 E Pender on Power2012. Refreshments will be served, and your participation in on-air readings and discussions is welcomed (but not compulsory). We’ll be announcing some of the special guests in a day or two, as well as hosting some surprise drop-ins and skype-ins. The wrap-up is from noon to 5pm or slightly later on Saturday, December 15.
  • Come in any time this week and get a bargain-priced Thumbs Up thumb drive loaded with an eclectic, inspiring collection of Power2012 programming — readings, discussion, music, and audio art — at the low price of $20. We’ll throw in a handsome reproduction of the pantheon of dialectical materialist heroes you see above. First produced as a holiday card for Artspeak Gallery in 1987, with inadvertent assistance from the Enver Hoxha Bookstore, this illustration is a timeless (but not ahistorical) Vancouver Xmas tradition. Quantities are limited!

Join us this week during regular hours (Wednesday-Saturday, noon-5pm), and especially try to drop in on Saturday. Your support is appreciated.

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