We’re excited to be presenting screenings, an artist tour, and a book launch during Jamey Braden’s exhibition SHE _________ THE _________, which continues until July 1.

Wednesday, June 14, 7pm: Artist’s tour for UNIT/PITT members. Join Jamey Braden and Kay Higgins for a tour of the exhibition, and some bonus extras. To become a member, sign up here.

Friday, June 16, 7pm: A screening of Ulrike Meinhof’s sole film production, Bambule. Set in a prison for young women, the screenplay was written by Meinhof based on an earlier radio drama she had written, and produced as a film to be screened on West German television. prior to the screening date, Meinhof went underground with the Red Army Faction and the film was quietly shelved. Running time is 90 minutes, and admission is free.

Friday, June 23, 9pm: (**NOTE NEW TIME**) a screening of Variety, a 1983 film directed by Bette Gordon, with a screenplay by Kathy Acker (based on a story by Bette Gordon). A young woman takes a job selling tickets in a porn cinema and becomes discomfortingly involved in the lives of patrons. When Variety was initially released, it appeared as a dark, problematic counterpoint to the celebratory character of Lizzie Borden’s Born In Flames, which was also released that year. Running time is 97 minutes, and admission is free.

Friday, June 30, 7pm: Jamey Braden’s book launch. We will be launching an artist’s book, also titled SHE _________ THE _________, and we’ll also have a closing party of sorts for the end of the exhibition.

Also: Watch street kiosks in Vancouver for poster-sized works by Jamey Braden during the next few weeks.

More details will be coming soon!

Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.