Battery Opera PerformanceThe second to last week in the series Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting is upon us. The series has been running over the past five weeks, and will continue through to March 1st — if you haven’t already been attending midnight witching hour solos on Thursdays, Bob’s Salon every Friday evening, or improvised guided tours of the city complete with stories every Saturday, this is your second to last chance as the series is now approaching its end.

This week begins with another witching hour solo at midnight on Thursday, with a performance by Daina Ashbee from Montreal. As before, come by at midnight to see the performance projected live through our front windows.

Daina Ashbee will be back on Saturday to perform dance for Bob’s Salon, along with Diego Romero and Hailey McCloskey. This week’s story will be told by Henry Tsang, again paired with wine selected by host/sommelier David McIntosh. Musicians Max Murphy, Ben Brown, and Russel Scholburg will deliver the score.

Here’s the full cast of characters for Week 6:

Thursday, Feb. 20th 11:30pm – 12:30am – Witching Hour Solo, direct from Montreal: Daina Ashbee

Friday, Feb. 21st10pm – midnight – Bob’s SalonStory: Henry Tsang
Dance: Daina Ashbee, Diego Romero, Hailey McCloskey
Music: Max Murphy, Ben Brown, Russel Scholburg
Host: David McIntosh

Saturday Feb. 22nd, noon – 5pm, Guided improvised encounters with the city:
Brian Solomon, Pedro Chamale, Michelle Lui, Aryo Khakpour, Chu-Lynne Ng, Maxine Chadburn.

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