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The Witching Hour Solo — the midnight performance you can watch through our windows from the sidewalk — is back tonight for its third installment, this time featuring Brian Solomon.

His performance will emulate the wild journey of the human state during the witching hour: what enters us, where we go, what we leave behind. “The human psyche can be stretched, then disintegrate. An energy enters the entirety of body telling its ancient stories before it is dust.”

While the performances themselves are the primary focus, David McIntosh finds the Witching Hour Solo to promote observation of the street block itself. The illuminated space in the gallery where the live performance is projected puts the rest of the block into perspective; the viewer is left to observe their surroundings from the dark street where they stand.

“I begin to notice other people on the block, in other buildings, finishing their day, marking time in the alley, being arrested (last week). So it’s that… kind of a sentience of a block at that hour, and the lives within it,” says McIntosh of the midnight performances. “That’s what I like.”

At 11:30pm, gather yourselves in front of the windows at 236 E. Pender Street to view Brian Solomon’s midnight performance. Here is the full schedule for Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting, which continues over the next three weeks.

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