Starting around 11am Pacific today (Monday, November 12), Power2012 will host a remote broadcast by Red76, as part of the ongoing project This Is An (A) Front (the broadcast will repeat at least six times over the next day or so). The broadcast is a recording of a discussion about the mobilization of self-managed community structures that has taken place in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall in New York and New Jersey. What if these temporary community structures somehow became permanent?

This Is An (A) Front, and its components Thumbs Up and Power2012 have been held over until mid-December. It seemed that the project itself was gathering momentum and generating additional discussion, which needed more time. In the meantime, the thinking behind the project itself is changing. Here’s a new/updated statement:

Our original actions were to address power – the space in-between us, within us, over our heads and under our feet in the guise of siblings, friends, lovers, parents, teachers, cops, presidential candidates, and of course the power we have within ourselves to enliven or dismantle our internal energies and desires.

What we didn’t account for, because in so many fairly demoralizing ways, it seems so out of our control, was The Weather. And yet, “What’s the weather like over there,” in all that phrases many divergent meanings, is exactly what we were and continue to be trying to get at. So Sandy…

In light of the chaos and devastation, as well as overwhelming amounts of autonomous relief and organizing which has occurred, we feel the need to reformat our previously considered actions in light of the hurricane and its aftermath, in so much as that our past considerations will now be in direct conversation with the events of this past week, energized by its complexity.

We will, as previously planned, record or broadcast our conversations and meanderings on POWER2012, Red76’s recently established internet and low-powered radio station situated in the storefront of UNIT / PITT in Vancouver, B.C.’s Chinatown.


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