We Give A Shit Because We CareThe long-anticipated launch of Chun Hua Catherine Dong and Ek Rzepka’s community project We Give A Shit Because We Care is this coming Friday, December 2, at 8pm.

We call it a “community project” because the two artists contacted other artists in the Pitt’s community and asked them to submit documents, specifically documents of their shit — a request that has been broadly and diversely interpreted, resulting in the project itself (online, on Unit/Pitt Radio and in the gallery) and its accompanying publication.

So, thanks to everyone on this impressive list of respondents:

Adam Dodd
Adam Gandy
Bill Thomson
Brian Kokoska
Bruce Barber
Chia-Chen Jane Hsu
Chris Von Szombathy
Christina Nicolay and Ya-Chu Kang
Cindy Baker
David Khang
Deyan Denchev
Elisha Burrows
Ella Collier
Francisco-Fernando Granados
Glenn Lewis
Helen Tieger
James Lindsay
James Whitman and Courtney Burke
Jason Field
Jimmy Liang
John G Boehme
Jonathan Russell
Justin Frederick Worhaug
Justine Cheung
Kathleen Ritter
Lesley Anderson
Lucien Durey
Mark Lowe
Mel King
Chad Durnford
Patrick Cruz
Peter Baren
Sally Jorgensen
Shiloh Sukkau
Steven Hubert
Susan Kang
Vanessa Brown
Victoria Singh
YoungSook Park
Bill Vorn
Jasmine Reimer
Katharina D. Martin
Deniz Merdano
Mark Lowe
Rachel White
Davida Kidd
Golboo Amani
Erin Gee
Kate Sansom
Jeremy Green
Heidi Nagtegaal
Jessica Jang
Josh Hite
Michael Macbain
Dylan McHugh
Jennifer Chan
Holly Armishaw
Lara Fitzgerald
Kathleen Beckett
Jeremy Isao Speier
Evan Tyler
Syed Kazmi
Zarah Ackerman
Davida Kidd
Marie-Helene Tessier
Setareh Yasan

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