Tonight, the second midnight performance of Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting starts at 11:30 pm and runs until 12:30. These “Witching Hour Solos” can be viewed through the windows of UNIT/PITT, from out on the sidewalk. The nature of tonight’s performance is a closely guarded secret — we’ll be as surprised as you are.

crawling, weeping. windows

Before you come down to watch that, two of 236 East Pender’s valued tenants have a show opening at CSA Space: Aaron Carter, who contributed a lot of hard work to renovating our current facility, has an exhibition opening tonight, curated by Steffanie Ling, who also co-curated 2012’s instalment of Wrong Wave and Reseach + Presentation Centre with Amanda Jehring. The opening starts at 6pm and goes until 9, which gives you ample time to drop in there, get a drink and dinner, and join us in front of 236 East Pender for tonight’s solo.

Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.

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