Welcome to the 8th edition of Wrong Wave FestivalThe Liquidation World Guide to Maximizing Your Autonomy, curated by Katayoon Yousefbigloo, Maya Beaudry and David Biddle, aka Liquidation World. We’re happy to have gotten your attention, now keep reading for a list of the coolest art happenings you could possibly attend during the last week of July…

POSTPONED DUE TO HEAT WAVE! The Liquidation World Guide to Maximizing Your Autonomy Zine Launch & Live Speakers Corner Community Video Panel

Surprise panelists TBA
*Postponed to September*
Wrong Wave HQ @ Sunset Terrace (2028 Clark Drive, Vancouver)
Entrance in the back lot off East 4th Avenue

Well, Wrong Wave has met the heat wave! This zine launch and Speakers Corner highlight has been postponed until mid-September when it’s a little cooler, and we can do this event justice. Follow @unitpitt on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to get the most current info on this and other upcoming events.

Here’s what the curators have to say about this event, when it actually happens:

As a part of Wrong Wave festival, we edited this zine featuring writing and art by some DIY heavy hitters we admire, loosely connected by their dedication to maintaining some sort of autonomy while working with or in various potentially parasitic systems. With contributions from Olga Abeleva, Jim Carrico, Lower Grand Radio + UNITY Skateboards, TJ Felix, Eris Nyx, Andrea Lukic (Symphony of Fire).

We are going to have a low key kick back to celebrate, featuring a live Speakers Corner community video panel installation / performance. What’s that you ask? I also ask that. But if you break that sentence down you can extract some meaning from it, and hopefully that excites you. Anyway it should be fun and funny and chaotic, and there will be food and drinks !

-Liquidation World Collective

Nasdaq, Star Party (Seattle), The Artists, Sophia Stel at Antisocial (Vancouver)

Poster by Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes
Live Music 
July 30, 6pm, skateboarding in the back all day
Antisocial Skateboard Shop (2337 Main Street, Vancouver)
Click HERE for more info!

Wronger Wave

Wronger Wave is a parallel series of events and exhibitions, selected by UNIT/PITT’s Programming Committee.

DYKE NEWS/DYKE FILM: Mo Bradley, TJ Cuthand, Shawna Dempsey, Lori Millan, Shani Mootoo, Laurel Swenson (ONLINE!)

Film Screening
July 24-30, On Demand on VUCAVU
$5 Rental for 3 Days
Click HERE, instructions below

Did you miss DYKE NEWS/DYKE FILM in Victoria last week? Well now you can watch the screening online from anywhere thanks to VUCAVU, Canada’s online streaming network for video art and film.

How to watch:
–Between July 24 and July 30, rent the program of 7 short films & watch them from the comfort of your home: https://vucavu.com/en/dyke-news/dyke-film
–To rent it, make a free guest account on VUCAVU. The rental itself is $5 CAD.
–Once you rent it, you have 3 days to watch everything.
–Set up the home movie night of your dreams, share with your dyke friends, enjoy!!

“So grateful for this opportunity to share the films with folks outside Victoria & those who can’t attend in-person events. If there’s one thing that’s clear from last night’s screening, it’s how much we’ve all been craving dyke connection, community, & cross-generational relationships!”


Window Gallery: Jackie Wong (Sointula)

Art Exhibition
July 24-31
Sointula Art Shed (Sointula, Malcolm Island, BC)

The final exhibition from Wronger Wave Sointula is Jackie Wong’s photo installation, “Rock On!”

“It’s an image she took with one of her pinhole cameras, printed on paper, shown with some beach pebbles below. Some of you who are locals or who have done our residency may recognize this rock, it’s down on the beach closest to our home.”

-Sointula Art Shed

Read the full post and find links to see more of Jackie Wong’s artwork here: Sointula Art Shed on Instagram

Publik Secrets: Chacal del Tamborazo + Adrián Avendaño, Samantha Leff + Daniel Majer, Robyn Jacob (Vancouver)

Live Music
July 29, 6:30-8:30pm
Hadden Park Field House (1015 Maple Street, Vancouver)
Free / By Donation, CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Taking place in Hadden Park under a canopy of trees, this outdoor event features a trio of performances, spanning the experimental percussion duo of Adrián Avendaño and Chacal del Tamborazo, the performative installation ‘a versus complex’ by Robyn Jacob, to the ambient works of Daniel Majer and Samantha Leff.

Feel free to bring-your own seats or blankets to sit on. This event is Rain or Shine!

Public washrooms can be accessed in this park.

About the Artists:

Adrián Avendaño + Chacal del Tamborazo – Earth Aged Cymbals

For one year four bronze cymbals lay buried in the soil next to the Hadden Park fieldhouse. As an index of environmental changes, the gradual changes in moisture, heat, and organic matter alter the surface of the cymbal’s metal surface, thereby altering the characteristics of its resonance. As the drum kit is traditionally thought of as a time-keeping device, the process of soil-aging layers another concept of time onto the instrument by marking temporal changes onto the instruments themselves. As a method of time-marking, what ways of thinking and sounding emerge from an extended time horizon, one that reaches to the concept of geological time and to the edges of periodicity itself? Vancouver-based percussionists Adrián Avenda˜˜˜˜ño and Chacal del Tamborazo consider these ideas through extended improvisations using the excavated cymbals. The percussive worlds of Chacal del Tamborazo and Adrián Avendaño collided in 2018, performing at Rhythmic Resonance: An Evening of New Music for Bateria Ensemble organised by Vancouver New Music Artistic Director, Giorgio Manganensi. The performance marked the beginning of a journey of camaraderie and friendship brought together through experimental percussive expression. The duo is a melding of various stylistic influences and approaches, culminating to create psychedelic sonic incantations and abstractions. They are interested in the tradition of textural approaches to the drumset to manifest creative soundscapes, reflecting the internal and external influences of the present moment.

Robyn Jacob – a versus complex

A Versus Complex is a personal response to the activities taking place on one of the frontlines of the climate emergency: the conflict between the logging industry and land defenders trying to stop the clear cutting of old growth forests. In the face of polarization and lack of context and nuance in mainstream media’s portrayal of the conflict, especially regarding Indigenous rights and colonial history, the piece explores what gets left out of the public knowledge stream, and how this changes the conversation. The use of disklavier piano also touches on the history of the once expansive piano manufacturing industry in Canada, which was enabled by the ready access to timber. As so many of these pianos are ending up in the local landfills, they seem to symbolize what is happening to our old growth forests. Mixing the seen with the unseen in terms of the piece’s sonic origins is at play, as the combination of sounds made from the piano and the collage of the instrument’s pre-recorded resonance mix. The voice holds my own feelings of grief, powerlessness, and responsibility to act.

Daniel Majer + Samantha Leff

what happens when monologues intersect, and express desire to intersect? do they become dialogues? the medium of the intersection is electric, but is it a landscape, or is it a field of possibilities? are our dialogues enhanced or impoverished by technology? is a third generated? why is another modulation of form all we seem to create? is there ever anything to acquire, or is it expression? samantha and daniel ask these questions—with interacting and intersecting instrumental designs, the questions are electronically composed. samantha leff is a sound designer and artist from Mexico City whose work is influenced by cinema and the eternally changing noise of culture and big cities. their creative process incorporates modular synthesizers, code, computer generated explorations and collected sounds that seek to move around the barriers of body and form. daniel majer is a sound artist & composer from Vancouver. his compositions rely on sampling, instrumentation, vocal exploration, digital manipulation, as well as traditional and contemporary forms of compositional practice. he focuses particular care on the possibilities of sound for connectivity, and abstract understanding in our perception and feeling.

Nutty Grotto Tape Release Party ft. Divorcer, Bedwetters Anonymous, Nate Frank, Nina Joon (Vancouver)

Live Music and Art Installation
July 30, 8pm, $10 PWYC
What Lab Studio (1814 Pandora Street, Vancouver)

Go check out Divorcer on Instagram for the latest: https://www.instagram.com/d1vorc3r/

POSTPONED! Huệ Nguyen: D  LƯA     OVLƯ   ỚIE (I REMEMBER YOU) (Vancouver)

Curated by Andrea Valentine-Lewis
Solo exhibition
*Postponed, new dates coming soon*
Opening Reception July 30, 2-5pm
The Bloomerie (2793 Arbutus Street, Vancouver)