peace-library-80sunFriday, November 9 is the third night of Wrong Wave: Art Rock Believes in Reincarnation. After two nights of performances at The Waldorf Hotel, we’re back on home ground at Unit/Pitt Projects, 15 East Pender Street (near Pender & Carrall). Tonight is also the launch of The Peace Library, which collects and publishes print, images, and sound — in their own words, “The Peace Library is a small collective focused on research and curation to archive and resurface the creative commons.”

Doors open around 9, music starts a bit later than that. $5 admission (unless you already bought a festival pass). Space is very, very limited.

Here’s a preview of 80(sun):

[bandcamp track=2069266470  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande]

And here’s a link to more on Peace Library: peace-library




Wrong Wave wraps up with a panel discussion at The Western Front on Saturday, November 10 at 6pm, featuring Tanner Matt, Soledad Munoz, Ellis Sam, and Sharona Franklin (free admission).







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