Today is one of the fullest days yet on Power2012. This morning was filled with a repeat broadcast of Dylan Gauthier’s Ethnopoesis Radio Hour, Episode One; as we write this, Pitt intern Sarah Wong is in the middle of her extended DJ set; starting around 4pm Pacific time, look forward to a “bootlegged conversation” and other things courtesy of Sam Gould; and then this evening, an discussion with Andy Longhurst about the Vancouver Rent Bank courtesy of The Mainlander, followed by a set from Nicholas Perrin.

Archived programs will be available soon on our Radio page. You can pick up our broadcasts on ultra-low-power FM in the 0-block of East Pender, or you can listen live in front on UNIT/PITT until 11 nightly, or you can tune in at Today’s schedule notes:

  • until 1:00pm (all times Pacific Standard): rebroadcasts of the Ethnopoesis Radio Hour, Episode One
  • 1:00 pm: Sarah Wong, contemporary atmospheric sounds
  • 4:00 pm: Mining the available landscape as full of possibilities for consideration and publication, Sam Gould’s weekly session for POWER2012 has him walking across the street from where he works at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to attend a conversation organized by Raqs Media Collective. How readily can we move voice around? What are the limitations of authorship? Whose work is this anyway?
  • around 6:00 pm: A discussion between Andy Longhurst and The Mainlander about Vancouver’s new Rent Bank.
  • around 6:40 pm: Nicholas Perrin, sounds for POWER2012, until later

POWER2012 is a component of Red76: THIS IS AN (A) FRONT.

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