Power 2012 studioStarting at 3pm Pacific Time, Wednesday October 24, and running continuously until some time tomorrow, is Dylan Gauthier’s Ethnopoesis Radio Hour. You can pick it up in the vicinity of UNIT/PITT on 89.7, through our speakers at 15 East Pender during open hours, or over the internet at Power2012.ca.

Wardriving for low- and micro- power and community radio stations around New York City, Power 2012‘s Ethnopoesis Radio Hour culls and reassembles moments from the preceding weekend’s radio transmissions – adding in selected commentaries and discussions on microradio and the public sphere in an examination of the role of the physical presence of radio in the city and the relationships created and supported by the public airwaves.  Episode one was recorded over the weekend of October 13th and 14th, 2012 and broadcast on October 24th and 25th by Red76‘s Power2012 radio station at UNIT/PITT in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

You can also listen to the archived version of Episode One here: [audio: https://www.unitpitt.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/EPRH-red76-ep1.mp3|loop=yes|titles=Ethnopoesis Radio Hour Episode One by Dylan Gauthier]

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