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Art Rock Lives! Unit/Pitt’s annual art-rock festival is about just about here. Wrong Wave 2012: Art Rock Believes in Reincarnation revisits the tradition of art rock as an arena for the creative engagement of music and visual art. This year, the Wrong Wave program assembles a variety of performances that exhibit the intersections in art and music practices indicative of the collaborative and discursive spirit of contemporary art and music. Through November 7th-11th, Wrong Wave 2012 will enact that collaborative spirit through auditory and visual experiences, conversations with artists and tapes.

This year, we will be offering a festival pass for $10 dollars for admission at all participating venues for the duration of the festival. Pick one up at our space on 15 East Pender during Unit/Pitt’s public hours, or at the door on the first evening of performances at the Waldorf Hotel.

Today, Unit/Pitt is very pleased to announce the official line up of musical performances that will be taking place at The Waldorf Hotel and Unit/Pitt Projects:

November 7 @ The Waldorf Hotel

Show @ 9pm, $7

Neu Balance
Stefana Fratila + Ronan Nanning-Watson
Spectrum Interview + Merlyn Chipman


November 8 @ The Waldorf

Show @ 9pm, $7

Francis Cruz + Jabari Jordan-Walker
New Vaders
Aquarian Foundation


This performance series at the Waldorf Hotel features projects by artists and musicians who been invited to select and work with another artist or musician of their choice to craft original sets combining sound and visual enterprises for this year’s Wrong Wave audience!


November 9 @ Unit/Pitt Projects

Show @ 9pm, $5

Peace Library Residency + Project Launch
Three Performances by 80(sun)

In a collision of new and old technology, UNIT/PITT will be presenting three sets commissioned by Research + Presentation Collective to be performed throughout the evening by 80(sun), the solo vision of Jonathan Scherk (of Flash Palace and Plays:Four). This evening will also be the official launch party of an archival and curatorial project, entitled the Peace Library (Sharona Franklin & Tanner Matt). The Peace Library will begin a 2-week long residency at UNIT/PITT to execute live research which invites the artist and music community to contribute to future projects excavating the creative commons. Space and pretzels are extremely limited!

[see our recent post for details of the panel on Saturday, November 10, at the Western Front]

Wrong Wave 2012: Art Rock Believes in Reincarnation is curated by Research + Presentation Collective, an on-going cultural operation comprised of a network of artists, writers, musicians and curators who work interchangeably on projects that include performance, installation, pedagogy, and publishing.

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