Some Of Our Books
Looking for a small gift for someone? You can support contemporary art in Vancouver and spread some culture by buying one or more of our Pitt publications, made one-at-a-time by Publication Studio Vancouver. How about:

  • Exhibition To Be Destroyed, Again, a book of full-size reproductions of exhibition posters, gig posters and ephemera from 1979-1984, containing gems like the U-J3RK5 “eyechart” poster and one drawn by Attila Richard Lukacs for his first solo show
  • Haptic, which has been described as “a jewel of a book”, showcasing the work of Tegan Moore and Elspeth Pratt, which a written contribution by Lorna Brown and design by Working Format. Contains color plates and some of the materials used in sculptures by these artists.
  • Reoccurrence, which includes several colour reproductions of the work of Rebecca Brewer, Chrystal Fisher and Allison Tweedie.
  • Free Concert, an artist’s book by writer and curator Michael Turner, illustrated with several photographs, and a found-poetry text which both recasts and retells the events of the Rolling Stones’ set at Altamont. (You can also purchase this book with the print edition The Rolling Stones Trilogy and also receive a copy of Allison Collins’s critical text Rock Lore.)
  • Unstable Ground, a book combining the work and process of six artists (Robin Cameron, Sarah Ciurysek, Kate Davis, Emily Jones, Dan Siney and artist-curator Andrea Pinheiro) into a dense and diverse document of instability and transformation.
  • Esophagus Now, an eccentric and captivating book by Chris von Szombathy in which he shares three illustrated meditations on fast food, music and meaning.
  • Re-reading the Riot Act : Cycles One through Five by leannej, a book that began with her performance at the Rereading the Riot Act performance cabaret that we presented on the night of the Stanley Cup Riot. It’s an especially good choice for anyone who wants (or needs) to see Occupy Vancouver in its local and historical context.
  • Survival In Its Many Shapes by Wil George, which we launched just a couple of weeks back, a book of poems that plainly and honestly tell stories from the First Nations experience in the unceded territory which is Metro Vancouver and its surroundings.

We’re coming out with even more titles before we close in December — books by Patrick Cruz, Christie Lee Charles, Chun Hua Catherine Dong & Ek Rzepka, and Sxwchálten X̱elsílem Tłaḵwasik̓a̱n (formerly Dustin Rivers). Drop by during open hours and pick up a few of them. We also stock some “books we like” by other people: books like Who Owns Canada? and A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible. While they last, we also have copies of the 2007 Helen’s Cookbook.

Some Of Our Books