UNIT/PITT’s location since April 2011 has been here in the Chinese Times building. Our sub-500ft2 storefront, with no plumbing, is one of a dwindling number of affordable main-floor spaces in the central area of Vancouver.

Chinese Times Building, Pender St. side
Chinese Times Building, Pender St. side, from historicplaces.ca (probably early 2000s)

The building was completed in 1902, and includes a top floor with bay windows and high ceilings, and a technically illegal Being-John-Malkovich-type mezzanine floor in between the main and second floors. It’s in the Heritage Registry, for whatever that’s worth.

Besides being the home of the Chinese Times newspaper from the 1930s to the 1990s, the building was also used by the Chinese Freemasons and the Hoy Sun Association. Now, it houses an appliance store, a traditional Chinese art atelier, a Tai Chi school, artist studios, a souvenir store, the Live Biennial office, and us. Here’s hoping it stays affordable and doesn’t mysteriously burn down.

Here’s the listing at the national registry of historic places.