Valerie Sonnier - Palou en fantôme. Rue Boileau - 2005The sign on our door says “see you in September”. And while we still have another week of film selections still to come, serious events at the Pitt are starting soon.

The first is an exhibition by Shannon Oksanen and Valerie Sonnier, In Search of Lost Time, curated by Myfanwy MacLeod. The exhibition begins on September 7 (we’ll be open during SWARM), but we’ll be having the real opening and book launch a week later, on Friday, September 14. The book launch is actually for a set of three volumes, packaged together: an artist’s book by Shannon Oksanen, an artist’s book by Valerie Sonnier, and a critical volume by Myfanwy MacLeod. We’ll be releasing some previews of the exhibition and the book over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Thanks to the French Consulate in Vancouver for helping us to bring Valerie Sonnier here.

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