Via ubuweb: a 20-minute film by U.S. surrealist Joseph Cornell, Rose Hobart. Made in 1936, the film is made from a now-forgotten 1931 Hollywood movie, East of Borneo. Most of the parts of the original movie containing action, exposition, and plot development have been removed, the soundtrack and dialogue has been wholly replaced with a record that Cornell discovered in a junk store, and the film has been tinted blue. Most of what remains are shots of the actress Rose Hobart, watching, thinking, and waiting — but for what?

Regular Pitt programming starts again on September 7, with Shannon Oksanen and Valerie Sonnier: In Search of Lost Time (curated by Myfanwy MacLeod — opening and book launch are on Friday, September 14). Until then, you can see a selection of films from the sidewalk in front of 15 E Pender, evenings from 8pm to 11pm. Or, you can watch here:

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Part of the Pitt’s summer screenings.

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