Last week was a huge one for the Pitt: The first full week of Mathew Sawyer‘s show in the exhibition space, applications flowing in for fall internships, and Wrong Wave 2: Art rock is dead/Long live art rock.

Wrong Wave 2 consisted of four performances by bands, 2 DJs, one solo performance by Mathew Sawyer at the Pitt (kind of a perfect setting for his songs), and the Saturday afternoon UJ3RK5 panel.

Thanks to The Waldorf Hotel for hosting two nights including brilliant sets by Flash Palace, MYTHS, Cowards, B-Lines and DJs Eli Bornowsky and Andrea Lukic. Thanks also to the Charles H. Scott Gallery for co-presenting UJ3RK5: An Oral History. And special approbation to The Music Appreciation Society for curating and organizing the entire thing.

Crowd at ECU Theatre waiting for UJ3RK5: An Oral History | Photo by Annette Wooff

It was amazing to see the ECU Theatre so full on Saturday, and to see all but two of the principal members of UJ3RK5 on the stage talking about this slice of Vancouver’s art rock past. We’re looking forward now to Wrong Wave 2012, which looks like it will be in October next year.

Next week, Publication Studio Vancouver will be taking UNIT/PITT’s fine publications to the New York Art Book Fair. We’re also going to resume our evening video screenings in the front window, and add some new playlists to UNIT/PITT Radio. Mathew Sawyer’s exhibition, There is no royal road (which is also the title of one of his songs), runs through to October 8, and he’ll be returning in March 2012 to launch a new book and do some performances. The rest of this fall will be taken up with some book launches, and projects by emerging artists in our long-awaited Ill Repute series.

I guess you could say things are busy. Times have changed, since that moment two years ago when the Pitt was written off as dead.