screen-shot_MusikKlub5Thank you to all of you who joined us for the riveting premiere of Musik Klub’s second season, beginning with the Culture War! Edition. Stay tuned for upcoming screenings featuring a number of themes attempting to make some sense of current times. In the meantime, check out the playlists compiled by Jamie Ward below.

“For this screening, we’ll get in the the mud as the US scrambles towards election, Britain sweats out its EU referendum, and Europe’s nerves tingle from a rise in far right politics. Misogyny, authoritarianism, racism…we’ve smelled it before, and risen up in kind. Tonight we’ll look at how music and video in the waning days of the Cold War gave voice to radicalized frustration, creating new models for resistance and new visions for hope, boiled up in wicked fashion. Music is the answer, music is our saviour.”



Past Editions: Musik Klub: TV Party Edition, Musik Klub 2: Selectors Special Edition, Musik Klub 3: Phase Induction Edition, and Musik Klub: Good Times Ahead Edition with Penny Jo Buckner.

MUSIK KLUB is a video screening series organized and hosted by Jamie Ward and is intended to use the music video as a vehicle for critique, but with a nod to the tradition of classic variety hours such as Beat Club, Old Grey Whistle Test, Top Pop & Musikladen. Video performances are sourced from a variety of international television music programs, scopitones and promotionals broadcast or created between 1965 & 1995. Come out, drink refreshing beverages, hang with friends and listen to (and watch) some great music. Ends early so you can keep the night going; it’s like happy hour for adventurous music & video fan-fiends.