If you go to 15 East Pender right now, and look at our sign, you will see that it says NO SHOW. That’s because the gallery is currently taking a break in its exhibition programming. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing going on.

  • UNIT/PITT Radio is still broadcasting, and we will continue to add new playlists
  • We will continue to show video in the front window, every night. At the moment we’re showing one of Mathew Sawyer’s youtube videos (a blackbird taking a raisin), but we’ll be showing different things — some old, some new — all this month. Watch for announcements here.
  • Our publications are still for sale. You’ll find that our hours may be a bit irregular this month, but if you don’t find us here you can also buy UNIT/PITT books at Project Space and at READ Books.

See you soon!