They’re finally here — our emerging artist commissions produced for Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, collectively titled Ill Repute. This isn’t your expected kind of Vancouver history project. Five artists or artist-teams were given a very wide area to work in, namely to respond somehow to the dodgy, checkered 36-year history of a Vancouver institution, namely this one, the Pitt. They are drawing on the history of the subcultures and tendencies that have intersected with the Pitt, and are coming up with wildly different works.

Preview installation view - Yin Yang Temple listening station
Preview installation view – Yin Yang Temple listening station

The first launch is Yin Yang Temple by Patrick Cruz, opening Friday, October 21. Patrick’s work explores the social dimension of music at the Pitt, and consists of both a physical installation and contributed playlists that will be broadcast on UNIT/PITT Radio, as well as being available at a listening station and on our web site. This work will build and change during the course of its exhibition, so at least one repeat visit is a good idea.

The Ill Repute series itself is going to build and grow. Courtesy of series co-curator Cease Wyss, we will be launching a book, Survival In Its Many Forms, by Wil George in early November, and adding his video to the mix in our evening screening; commissions by Dustin Rivers and Christie Lee Charles will launch after that. In early December we will complete the series with Chunhua Catherine Dong and Ek Rzepka’s crowd-sourced history project, I Give A Shit Because I Care.

But right now, join us for Patrick Cruz’s Yin Yang Temple, launching Friday, October 21 at 8pm, 15 East Pender St., Vancouver.

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