Arnaud Desjardin is a London-based artist and publisher currently doing a residency in Vancouver through the Emily Carr University Library and READ Books. In addition to an artist talk at Emily Carr, a reading group at READ Books, and a book launch at Satellite Gallery, his residency will include an exhibition at UNIT/PITT entitled Re: The Fox, which opens this Friday. Re: The Fox is a curatorial project by Arnaud Desjardin and The Everyday Press, with John Slyce.


The Fox was a short-lived critical journal and magazine published in New York in 1975 and 1976 by the American chapter of British conceptual art group Art & Language; only three issues were ever published. The Fox was primarily text based and rooted in recent experimental conceptual practices.

The Everyday Press proposes a limited facsimilé reprint of the three issues of The Fox. That release will be accompanied by a number of historical documents, ephemera and other printed matter belonging to the period. Using some of the texts originally published in The Fox, a series of readings and group discussions will be staged in order to test and argue the relevance, resonance and acuity of those ideas today.

In an interview with Project Space, Arnaud provides insight to the project’s ultimate aim. “To do a re-issue partly historicizes the material at hand, and partly attempts to draw some useful things for the contemporary context. The show at UNIT/PITT is about the re-issuing, but it’s also going to be about scripting some of those debates and ideas present in The Fox and seeing how they pan out in our contemporary situation, forty years later.” Read the full interview here.

Re: The Fox opens this Friday, November 15th, and will run through December 21st. More information and full schedule of Arnaud Desjardin’s residency events here.

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