The Lumpen HeadacheThanks to our fourteen readers last Saturday, who endured the intense cold in the gallery to read the entire transcript of the meeting in The Lumpen-Headache (from the third and final issue of The Fox). The readers were: Arnaud Desjardin, Keith Higgins, Kathy Slade, Cate Rimmer, Jamie Ward, Kevin Rowe, Zebulon Zang, Steffanie Ling, Kate Noble, Phil Chen, Brady Cranfield, Mitch Speed, Brynn McNab, and Natalie Gitt. We’ll be uploading photos and a recording soon.

This week, the exhibition is open Wednesday-Saturday, noon to 5pm, and a limited number of reprints of The Fox are available for purchase. On Saturday, November 23, Arnaud Desjardin will be at the Satellite Gallery for the Vancouver launch of the Book On Books On Artists’ Books at 2:30 pm, in collaboration with READ Books. Arnaud’s time in Vancouver has been divided between Re: The Fox,  workshop at Emily Carr University, a residency in the Emily Carr Library, and other things as part of the ABRRR (Artists Books Research Residency).

Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers Lumpen-Headache readers

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