Drop by 15 E Pender between noon and 5 pm on Saturday, December 17, and join us in ending the 2011 programming year.

A video playlist for Yin Yang TempleSince April 2011, when we moved in to 15 East Pender Street, we have shown about a dozen exhibitions and other types of projects. That’s a busy schedule for any gallery, let alone one that was pretty much declared dead back in 2009. The latest of these is Ill Repute, a series of five commissions from emerging artists, meditating and riffing on how so much of what has touched the Pitt over the past 36 years has been somehow on the wrong side of history. If you haven’t seen the installations by Patrick Cruz, Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers), and Chun Hua Catherine Dong & Ek Rzepka, Saturday is the last chance; and if you would like to get a book and poster by Wil George, this will be your last chance this year.

Even after we close for the season, though, the web-based components of some of these projects will continue on; you’ll also be able to see videos by Wil George, Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers), and Christie Lee Charles in our front window from 8 to 11 pm every night, alternating with videos from the We Give A Shit Because We Can project. The video screenings will keep on going through the holidays, so if you’re in our neighbourhood at night you might want to stop for a minute or two (and if you’re waiting for an eastbound bus on Pender just past Carrall, it’s something to pass the time — you’re welcome).

And then there are the books: some titles related to projects we did this year are still to come, but we have an impressive back catalogue from this year alone. You can purchase these at the Pitt, and some of them are available for purchase online as well.