Francesco Vezzoli film nightWe’re coming up on a busy month at UNIT/PITT:

  • Research + Presentation Centre, curated by Amanda Jehring and Steffanie Ling, and featuring contributions from Jesse Birch, Stefana Fratila, Lenox & Burrard, Michael Turner, and Jerry Zaslove, closes this Saturday. This project is a custom-designed reading room with five great research collections, custom notebooks, and free photocopying.
  • Kate Armstrong: Path opens on Friday, May 11 at 8pm. Path is a 12-volume bookwork generated by the daily activity of an anonymous individual. We’ll be presenting a new edition of this work, including an audiobook that will be broadcast on UNIT/PITT Radio; in the evenings, we’ll be showing a video project by Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippett, Space Video, in the window of 15 E. Pender.
  • Don’t forget the launch of SETUP #2 at UNIT/PITT on Thursday, May 3, at 8pm. SETUP #1 was launched here at the Pitt almost a year ago, and we’re happy to have them back.
  • Not least of this, and just announced: our neighbours down the block, The Rennie Collection, are helping out the Pitt with a benefit event on Friday, May 25: a screening of three short films by Francesco Vezzoli. Admission is $10, which includes one drink; proceeds from the evening go to the Pitt, to help sustain our exhibitions, events and publications in the coming year. Tickets should be purchased in advance, online at We’re really grateful for the help: thanks neighbours! (And the films are great too …)

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