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Thanks to everyone who responded to our request for donations. Support from our community is essential for a small organization like ours, and even small contributions are meaningful, and appreciated.

There’s still time to donate in 2012. One of the easiest ways is to make a donation through If you don’t want to make your donation online, contact us at If you want to help, but can’t donate cash, there are several items we need, which we have listed on the “Donate” page of our site. And we’re always appreciative of new orders for our many publications, which can be purchased online.

Join us in 2013 for What Future, a new series of commissioned projects by the PJS Collective (Paul Lang, John Walkus-Greene, and Skylar Stock), Susanna Browne, Kelly Roulette, and Kevin Murphy. Also on our schedule is an installation by London-based Luminous Books, and curatorial projects by Kalli Niedoba, Chris Bose, and David MacIntosh. We’ll be back with a 2013 edition of Wrong Wave, as well as more screenings, more radio, and more publications.

Thanks for your support. See you in 2013.

Donate Now Through!

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