We get some nice messages from time to time, from people who were involved with the Pitt at some point in the past and are curious about what’s going on, or are offering some kind of help, or just want to share a story. We were particularly happy to hear from an artist who screened his work at the Pitt in the early 80s.

But let’s start at the beginning: if you explore our online archive in depth, you’ll eventually come across some pages with this message:

No information on this exhibition or event is currently available except for the title and dates. If you have any information or materials of your own that you would like to add, please contact info@helenpittgallery.org

That reflects the fact that over several moves and reorganizations there are some sparse bits in our history. While we’re still finding things, and scanning ephemera and documentation, increasingly we’re going to outside sources for more information — and that includes our community.

Anyway, we’ve had our first response to one of these: thanks to Kent Tate for sending us the story of Vanishing Heat, including the bit where it unfortunately vanished.