2014-04-18 WE'RE OPENToday (Friday, April 18), many of our colleagues at other galleries and artist-run centres are closed, in apparent observance of a religious holiday. Here at the Pitt, as confirmed blasphemers, we’re open during the day today, and tonight we’ll be hosting the panel discussion and finissage event that goes with the intense and sprawling Spaces of Contestation project.

Join us at 7pm for the panel discussion, with curator Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte and artists Zoe Kreye Catherine Grau, Lauren Marsden, Didier Morelli, and Gabriel Saloman; right after that, starting around 8pm, we’ll be celebrating the completion of the constantly-evolving exhibition, the recent conclusion of the lecture series, and the series of walks and public actions that are at the core of the Spaces of Contestation project.

Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.

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