Cease Wyss & others, tea performanceLast night, Cease Wyss and friends presented a tea party for four important but not-so-famous people from Vancouver’s past (a party that included tea for everyone, plus video projection and live painting — you’ll see the results when you drop by the Pitt). Tonight (Friday, February 14) she’s back to tell a story for the fifth installment of Bob’s Salon, a part of the ongoing series Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting. The evening will also feature dancers Justine Chambers, Alison Denham, and Billy Marchenski, along with music by crowman (Ben Brown, Meredith Bates, and Chris Gestrin), and all of this will be paired with a wine selected by host/sommelier David McIntosh.

Come by from 10pm to midnight to hear the story, watch the performance, and sip the wine. Admission is free.

There are still copies of the book that started this all available for purchase, both online and at UNIT/PITT, so pick one up while you’re here. See you this evening.

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