Thanks to everyone who came out for Wil George‘s book launch today, and especially to Wil for reading from his work and to Cease Wyss who not only curated this part of the Ill Repute series but also made the tea (from freshly picked herbs!) and bannock for this afternoon’s event. We’ll be putting video and audio online soon, and Wil has an artist talk on Sunday, November 13 as well.

An actual UNIT/PITT radioHere’s something else that’s exciting, though: because of the work of one of our Pitt interns, Annie Hong, our UNIT/PITT Radio playlists are starting to be available online. Annie is curating some collections of clips from the Pitt and sources like Ubuweb that you can find on the “Radio” page. The playlists from Patrick Cruz’s Yin Yang Temple are also going to be available shortly. So, you can now listen to UNIT/PITT Radio in places other than the Pitt space. This is another project that is going to grow and change, so stay tuned for future developments. Literally.