Survival In Its Many Shapes - bookHere it is — the very first copy of Survival In Its Many Shapes by Wil George. Thanks to Wil and curator Cease Wyss for bringing this project to us. We’ll be launching the book tomorrow — Saturday, November 5 — between 2 and 5 pm. Come by for tea, bannock, and poems.

There will also be video and audio content for this project, and an artist talk on Sunday November 13 at 2 in the afternoon. Watch for those announcements.

Wil’s book is the first publication in our Ill Repute series. The series presents five commissions by emerging artists playing off themes and phenomena in the fractious, sometimes shady history surrounding the Helen Pitt Gallery, Unit/Pitt Society, Pitt International Galleries, and all of the other names we have had in the past 36 years. Patrick Cruz‘s installation and playlists are still up, and will continue at least until the end of November, and will also result in a book launch; look for future projects by Christie Lee Charles, Dustin Rivers, and Chunhua Catherine Dong & Ek Rzepka.